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DR_YEFREMOV - Personal Notes, March 11, 1969

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Though we have been briefed on the fundamentals of the project, acquiring additional information from Sites Beta and Alpha is rather like pulling teeth. I understand that Site Gamma is meant to serve in a tertiary capacity, but I cannot help but feel my analysis would be of greater value if I were provided answers to a few basic questions.

For a start, how did they manage to bring these seemingly prehistoric creatures into being? If I knew more about the means, I might be able to offer advice regarding the current metamorphic incompatibility. Moreover, why was such a wretched location chosen for Site Gamma, when there is demonstrably superior terrain nearby? Conditions here are wearing on our morale.

At the very least, knowing more about the relics would help ease unrest. "They protect us" is scarcely enough to quell skepticism, certainly not when so many of the men regard the treasure with avaricious eyes. Some nights, I catch myself doing the same.

Only Dr. Sokolova seems willing to let slip the occasional detail. I would call this both a blessing and a curse. Her passion for this work is unsettling, and it is plainly evident to everyone that she is waiting for an opportunity to oust Dr. Kuznetsov and seize control of the project herself.