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DR_YEFREMOV - Personal Notes, March 14, 1969

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Though our conversations leave me with a lingering sense of dread, I have remained in private contact with Dr. Sokolova, as she is the only one willing to furnish me with the occasional piece of useful information, rather than endless shipments of body parts and terse instructions. At last, I have a somewhat better understanding of the relics, and why we toil in such substandard conditions.

The secret of the treasures has long been kept by a local coven of witches, who for many generations have considered themselves protectors of the region. Each relic was previously buried beneath a crude stone monument, though the monuments gave no indication of this, looking like naught but prayer sites for local pagan traditions.

The arrangement of these monuments, however, is critical. The three relics must be distributed in such a way as to form the points of a particular triangle. This is of course the reason for our forlorn location. When the relics were recovered and relocated, an ideal locus was chosen for Site Alpha, and the coordinates for Beta and Gamma calculated accordingly.

Dr. Sokolova assures me that a time will come where we need not worry about the relics any longer, and that the trust I place in her will be rewarded. I am not certain how to interpret these remarks.