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DR_YEFREMOV - Personal Notes, March 21, 1969

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There was a dreadful accident at Site Beta today. The survivors contacted us by radio, though it was evident enough before we received word, as the explosion caused the earth to shake and shudder for kilometers beyond the epicenter. If the locals did not already suspect covert military presence on their land, they certainly have reason to think so now.

While it is estimated the fallout will be limited to a five-kilometer radius, nothing in that area is likely to survive.

We have not yet received orders, but between losing one of our three facilities and drawing attention to ourselves with the explosion, it seems obvious enough that the project cannot continue, with abandonment and retreat being the only sane and sensible option. I expect we will begin evacuation efforts in the morning.

Perhaps I should quietly take the relic when we leave, just to keep the men from fighting over it and contributing more strife to an already tense situation. Yes, this seems justifiable.