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DR_YEFREMOV - Personal Notes, March 22, 1969

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Mad though it sounds, we have been informed that the project will continue. Dr. Kuznetsov is dead and Dr. Sokolova has assumed control. She insists that we can continue without Site Beta. All personnel have been ordered to stay clear of the area due to the lethal lingering energy, which is estimated to take decades to decay. A new team will be arriving tomorrow to make alterations at Site Gamma to "compensate for the loss". The relic will be removed at that time.

This decision has greatly unnerved the men. I do not see how we can realistically continue. Dr. Sokolova has again informed me, much more overtly this time, that my loyalty to her will be rewarded.

Every instinct I possess tells me I should flee and convince the men to do the same, yet I believe in the Red Hand and cannot bring myself to betray the cause. I must follow orders. I must convince the others to wait. When the team arrives tomorrow, we will discuss matters and reach a reasonable compromise. For all her zeal, Dr. Sokolova has been kind to me. I am sure she will give reasonable consideration to our concerns.